Open call for Producing Guidelines for Centres for Social Work

05. Nov 2019.

In partnership with the Association „Naša Kuća“ from Belgrade, MDRI-S is implementing the project „Equality before the law as a precondition for employment of persons with disabilities-EQUALIZER”, supported by the European Union. The project duration is 24 months. The project is intended notably for progressive improvement of laws, policies and practices that restrict the right to be equal before the law and prohibit employment for persons with disabilities and the social stigma challenged. The implementation of this 2-years project has started in December 2018. The aim of the project is the improvement of legislation, policies and practices that restrict equality before the law and employment of people with disabilities, by:
  • Empowering young people with mental disabilities, their parents / guardians and organizations of persons with disabilities;
  • Informing employers about the importance of involving young people with mental disabilities;
  • Improving practices of centers for social work through trainings;
  • Raising awareness of the general population about the possibilities of employment of persons with mental disabilities. 
In the scope of the EU funded project Equality before the law as a precondition for employment of persons with mental disabilities – EQUALIZER, MDRI-S is looking for the candidates for the following positions:
  1. Legal expert
  2. Social work expert
  3. Social research expert
Interested candidates should submit Motivational letter and CV in English language. The financial offer needs to be submitted in a separate envelope. The candidates are required to provide services as indicated in this Terms of Reference. In the Motivational letter, the candidates will describe their approach and inputs/resources allocated for implementation of the tasks. CV should be submitted in requested format. Deadline for applications: 13.11.2019. at 12:00 hours The documentation should be submitted  via post/currier, containing the following information: -    Name and address of the candidate -    Title: Producing Guidelines for Centres for Social Work -    Reference number: 4/2019 The applications will be submitted in person, by post or courier service to the following address: Inicijativa za prava osoba sa mentalnim invaliditetom MDRI-S Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 171/II 11000 Beograd The whole document can be downloaded here. The unsuccessful/successful candidates will be informed of the results of the evaluation procedure in written. The estimated time of response to the tenderers is 5 days from the deadline for submission of tenders.