About us

We were founded in 2008 and act as a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the support of the international organization Disability Rights International  DRI which has recognized the need for a constant presence and strengthening of the rights of persons with disabilities movement in Serbia. Our founding members are persons with disabilities, their family members, experts in the field, and human rights activists. We are fully committed to the protection and promotion of human rights of our fellow citizens with intellectual and mental disabilities and with this the achievement of their full inclusion and participation in the society. We devote special attention to children and adults who are at risk of being or have already been placed in residential institutions and psychiatric hospitals, bearing in mind that they make the most vulnerable and marginalized group.

OUR MISSION to achieve full social inclusion of our fellow citizens with intellectual and mental disabilities with due respect towards their lives and dignity!

OUR VISION is a society which accepts its citizens with intellectual and mental disabilities as its full members in all aspects of social life!


• Achievement of the right to live in the community for all children and adults

• Achievement of equal opportunities to grow, develop and partake in society for our fellow citizens with intellectual and mental and disabilities — on the same basis as other members of society

• Improvement and achievement of legal rights of children and adults with intellectual and mental disabilities

• Reform of the social protection, education and healthcare systems which are to be fully in accordance with the inclusive principles and human right standards and abandon the current segregation systems

• Promotion of modern work methods and non-institutional forms of service

 • Contribution to the greater sensitivity of society towards the rights and needs of citizens from vulnerable and marginalized groups